Rates & Packages
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Note: all prices are per session unless otherwise noted. Student and Seniors rates are available. Also, receive a discount when you buy packages of multiple sessions at once. Inquire for personalized pricing.

Receive a discount with the referral or successful promotion of CraveWorks to friends and family.


  •  Half Session - $40
    • Approximately 30 minutes. You’ll be shocked how much we can accomplish! If you are motivated to do some work on your own, are new to exercise or have health concerns, this is the session for you.
  • Full Session - $70
    • Approximately 60 minutes. The most bang for your buck. We will cover warm-up, cardio, strength training, cool-down and stretching. You’ll never have to think about your workouts again!
  • Program Design - $140-175
    • Approximately 30 minutes consultation and 45-90 minutes one-on-one to learn your personalized program. This can be done in person, by email or by phone – whatever is most convenient for you!
  • e-Training - $225/month
    • After a consultation, I will design a personalized 4-week program for you and detail proper form and sequence. This can be a program for your local gym or using any equipment you have available in your home. You will also get program support for one month included in the price.


Kids CraveFitness

  • One-On-One - $50
    • One on one with a coach for an hour. We can cover sport specific goals or just get out for a bit of exercise and fresh air.
  • Small Group - contact for rates
    • Let CraveWorks help organize a group of your child’s friends for a hike in the park or a yoga session on the beach. We can do anything your little one loves and we’ll get the kids up and out of the house for some active fun time and fresh air.


Learn To Cook

  • One-On-One - $50/hour plus food costs
    • Learn to prepare your favorite dish or a complete meal with the help of a personal chef. We can set the curriculum together and you’ll learn valuable techniques you can apply to all your dishes.
  • Small Group - contact for rates
    • Invite a group of friends over and prepare a decadent brunch or a complete dinner party- with the help of a personal chef! This is a great alternative to a baby or bridal shower and makes a great gift for a newlywed couple.


Kids CraveFood

  • One-On-One - $50/hour plus food costs
    • In-home cooking classes for children – what better way is there to occupy your little one AND get dinner on the table?
  • Small Group - contact for rates
    • Cooking classes are a great option to spice up a birthday party or a sleepover. Contact CraveFood today to discuss planning a themed event for your child and their friends!


" Before I started working out with Liz, there were mornings when I could hardly get out of bed or even put on my own socks as result of chronic lower back pain and over-all muscle tightness. By focusing on core-strength and basic range-of-motion exercises, we were able overcome these aliments within a few short weeks before moving on to regime..."
-John Miller