your coach's only focus should be helping you achieve your goals

"Liz rescued me after a myriad of other specialized professionals were unable to give an integral diagnosis of my injury.  Liz isolated my pain as a gait problem and got me back in total body shape while referring me to the right specialists for what I truly needed.  Her honesty and integrity is her hallmark.  Elizabeth adds value by placing a great value on YOU!"

Heidi E. Keyes


"Before I started working out with Liz, there were mornings when I could hardly get out of bed or even put on my own socks as result of chronic lower back pain and over-all muscle tightness. By focusing on core-strength and basic range-of-motion exercises, we were able overcome these aliments within a few short weeks before moving on to regime designed to improve my general fitness. Her approach is gentle and straightforward with an emphasis on safety and a holistic view toward health and well-being. She is not only a trainer but a friend and a partner in my quest for better, healthier life."

John Miller


“I have been working with Liz Hamilton as my trainer for about a year and half now and always look forward to seeing her at our sessions.  I have had a few specific injuries during this time and Liz consistently managed to work up a program for me that addressed these issues; she also coordinated with my chiropractor and acupuncturist on how best to treat them.
We started with a simple program that Liz modified as I progressed and she always keeps the workouts interesting.
Liz is quietly persuasive in encouraging me to get to the gym (which I need) and I value her support and friendship.”

Kathy Robinson


“Over the course of the past 2 years, Liz has been a dedicated, supportive trainer who has helped me improve my fitness level, heal my tennis injuries and improve my diet.

When I first came to Liz I was very intimidated with the gym environment and was nervous to start working out.  She quickly put me at ease and helped me start a regular schedule of sessions.  With each session, she adapted the exercises to add variety to the workouts and adapted my routines to my changing needs.  She helped me stay motivated.

When I found out I was pregnant, Liz was one of the first people to find out.  She quickly adapted my routines again to make sure I wasn’t doing any exercises I wasn’t supposed to and helped prepare me for the rest of the pregnancy.  When my OB found out that I was exercising she was so happy - saying that it will not only make the labor easier, but will help with the weight loss after the baby is born.

Liz worked on strengthening my wrist and calf that I injured during playing tennis.  She prepared a pre-tennis warm up routine to help prevent future injuries.  Since these sessions and starting these warm up routines, I’ve had no further problems with my tennis game and have actually seen an improvement in my abilities on the court.

Like many busy people, my diet left a lot to be desired.  I never seemed to have time to think about what I was eating.  Liz helped me put together a nutritious diet plan that weaned me processed foods.  Her diet was customized to my finicky taste and busy schedule.

Thank you Liz for all of your help!”

Isobel Wallace


"I enjoy going to the gym!!!

Elizabeth is a consummate professional. She quickly targets problem areas and is very creative with new movements so that it’s never repetitive or boring. Her easy manner makes it comfortable to chat as I work out, or to just concentrate on the effort required through a particularly difficult exercise. I like being challenged and my level of fitness has increased steadily and without injuries.

I like the fact that the training sessions include strength training, balance, and light cardio. The heavy duty cardio is left up to me to perform on my own time, therefore, I get very good value, working one-on-one for a full 50 minutes.

Elizabeth is very flexible with scheduling sessions, which is so important in our busy lives and she has excellent knowledge of general health and nutrition"

Suzanne Palmer


"I hired Elizabeth to help me achieve my personal fitness goals. She was proactive about contacting me to ensure I was on track, and always made herself available to answer any questions or address any concerns I had. Friendly and highly professional, I would recommend Elizabeth to anyone of any fitness level!"

   Paul Byron


"Elizabeth (and craveworks) certainly gets my strongest recommendation for her great work as a trainer, chef and teacher. In the world of business she has the rare and valuable combination of great skills, solid background, warm personality and the ability to get results.Elizabeth mixes compassion with perseverance to get the best outcome for her clients. Perhaps part of why she is a great coach, teacher and trainer is that she is constantly seeking knowledge and upgrading her already excellent skill set. I am always impressed with her organizational skills and dedication to her clients. She really practices the fine art of self improvement in concert with moderation and enjoying life. I can personally attest to her ability to help someone overcome injury and stay active and also to demonstrate how to eat healthier tasty meals as a part of an overall lifestyle change."

Randy Dobson

" Elizabeth is a fantastic personal trainer. I have been working with her for years now and continue to love her energetic enthusiasm... It's contagious! She managed to whip my butt into shape and helped me rework my diet. She’s a great motivator – just what you need is a personal trainer! "
-Isobel Wallace